I'm working full time in a bookshop until the end of September.

Deep water fish never see the light and live all their lives from the scraps that come from above.

I'd be grateful if you'd buy some bread on the way back.

A dog's nose is very sensitive.

A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!

Have any of you seen them?

To the west of France is the Atlantic Ocean.

He was educated at Oxford.

His knowledge put him dangerously close to a secret the organization wouldn't let him live to hear.


Look, I'm really busy.

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Jwahar is studying hard for his finals.

You should have asked her to join us.

Should I tell him that I like him or that I love him?

He's an atheist.

Were we ever really happy together?


We have three hours to decide whether we're going to accept their offer.

First, I'd like to ask Blair a question.

He's in good physical condition.

A Ltd.'s annual report is worth having a look at.

I just figured out how to do it.

Divide this among yourselves.

Her dress has an understated charm.

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Do you sometimes get pissed off for no reason?

My closet is full of things that I never wear.

He's gotten old, too.

Jochen was dancing by himself on the back porch.

We know that the Sun is bigger than the Earth.

Hui seems to think this is a good computer.

He'll run out of luck sooner or later.

Rabin lived next door to us until three months ago.

She may have told a lie, but she didn't mean any harm.

The log is full of dampness.

Are you aware that you're being a nuisance?

I like to walk.

I go to bed at ten as a rule.

Edwin never used to smoke, but he does now.

Lloyd's wife's name is Sofia and his son's name is John.

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You've been expelled.

We tend to welcome only proofs of what we already know.

Don't hesitate to ask me for help.

English is an idiomatic language.

I can't remember where I hid my money.

I'm eating soup in the kitchen.

Adams spent most of the war years in Europe.


We visited Sao Paulo's largest museum.


I already have one of those.

The salts and minerals found in these mountains are quite diverse.

Barry managed to carry all three boxes by himself.


She cheered him up because he was depressed.

I'm conscientious.

Radio is a great invention.


MySQL loads several tables.

How far are we from Red Square?

I asked Ami not to drive so fast.


French is definitely not a difficult language.

Look at these pictures.

Aren't you going to share it?


Darryl has done a magnificent job.


I'm disappointed in you, Margie.

Timothy's son, John, also works as an officer with the Boston police.

Roy fastened the medal with a pin.

I met her backstage.

I talked to Hon.

You are entitled to try once again.

Like it or not we're in this together. All we can do is work closely as though we were joined at the hip.

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When I speak, you be quiet and listen!


Kenji flatters himself that he is quite handsome.

Why do you think football isn't popular in America?

Bill takes care of his sick father.

The day before yesterday we arrived at Osaka.

Heinrich insisted that Trying go there by herself.

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There was nothing to say.

I heard something new today.

It sounds easy, but it's not.

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He wrote the article "Artificial Intelligence in Martian Colonial Life Support Systems."

We can understand everything she's saying.

The girls picked on Laurent because she was pretty.

The beer mug is almost bigger than you are.

I saw Lori before he saw me.

We have had a heavy crop this year.

Each individual paid 7000 dollars.

We've never been formally introduced.

Rebecca should've paged Dori.

Should we wait here for him?

All of his answers were wide of the mark.

Steve is naturally a little defensive.

He skipped a grade.

He's a tall boy.

I can't live alone.


No explanation is needed.

The muscles in his legs had atrophied during the seven months he was bedridden.

Elsa blew his top when he heard that Orville had gone out with John.

Pandark hits Vortarulo over the head with a 2-by-4.

Let me pay tonight.


What is this poor excuse of a university?

I was active in politics when I was in the university.

Don't let them see you're afraid.

Alexis has a bruise on his right leg.

I want you to take a message.

He is unmarried and has no brothers or sisters.

I'll accept that responsibility.

E-eh? I somehow seem to feel a very threatening aura...

We're newcomers.

Why do I have to work with you?

We've got to talk.

We're all here, to do what we're all here to do.

Are you a real doctor?

The cat jumped onto the table.

A new school of fiction has grown up.


Let me tell you what the point is.


He could not control his anger.

I've got to get some sleep.

They dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

What a nice animal!

Pershing's forces were not sent directly into battle.


Emma is angry.


Jos didn't want Luc to babysit his children.


Is there anything we can do to help?

They debated land reform but never carried it out.

Did you go to the stadium?

I just got a call from Triantaphyllos.

Go and wake her up.

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My son's name is Laura.


I'm asking everyone to stay out.

The weather was getting worse and worse as the day went on.

Without air we would die.

The young man who is speaking is my brother.

Let the revolt begin.

I've just finished watching episode three.

The names are in alphabetical order.

Grant is an acupuncturist.

Panzer rushed into the bathroom.


The children soon lost themselves in the game.

I always get nervous just before a match.

Graeme has finally paid back all his gambling debts.

Either he or I have to attend the convention.

Please give Marsh something to eat.

You should listen to your parents.

Can you please clean the board?

Do you feel sorry for Reiner yet?

You don't know Paula like I do.

You're so full of it.

You were disadvantaged.

We're all sorry.

The wooden chair costs sixty libras.


Have you been to London?

I cannot understand this passage from the Bible for the life of me.

I have a dentist appointment on Monday.


He grew up to be a great person.

Everyone looked at us.

It really works.

Why are people afraid of us?

I don't know whether Grace is busy or not.

I can see how you'd call him a famous personality.

It was very daring of you to say that.

Jennie didn't actually do what he said he did.

His escape attempt was successful.

To my regret, my father could not recover from his long illness.

He lives six houses beyond my house.


The Lake Van is the greatest lake of Turkey.

Sign across the stamp.

Brazil is a huge country.

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The Russian armed forces decommissioned many intercontinental missiles.


It's so hot that you could cook an egg on the hood of a car.

Nietzsche shouts from beyond good and evil.

You may take the book if you can read it.

May I ride a bicycle?

You ask too many questions.